Fangirl Challenge [1/20] Tv shows

Falling Skies (2011- )  ”We’re not just fighting for our lives. We’re fighting for our existence.”

I’m not the bringer of peace at all. I’m the bringer of death. 

I’m trying to help my friends.

You think you know death. But you don’t. Not until you’ve seen it. Really seen it. And it gets under your skin and lives inside you. You also think you know life. You stand on the edge of things and watch it go by, but you’re not living it. Not really. You’re just a tourist. A ghost. And then you see it. Really see it. And it gets under your skin and lives inside you, and there’s no escape. There’s nothing to be done, and you know what? It’s good. It’s a good thing. And that’s all I’ve got to say about it.

I look at lots of people. That doesn’t mean I want to get to know them. 

Just because my pretty has face turned your head…

You better start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner, you’re in one

…And I promise you, Rakharo will ride with his ancestors tonight.

I want to help, you know…
But I can’t do the things that you can do. I can’t.

I’m not a h e r o.


And it makes me think about that quote Jennifer used as start of our first class; ‘Cause when I feel it, it’s like.. I’m looking into the heart of an immense darkness.’

”So what do you do instead?”

I   l o o k   f o r   m y   f r i e n d s .

I’ll break your heart.

Maybe I’ll break yours.

Nobody breaks my heart.